What Not to do with your iBook

I am posting this because i just made the biggest mistake on customizing my iBook G4. I wanted a new look, so I taped warning tape to the outer plastics of the screen. I decided that I could do it better and try it later.

I sense the death rattle....

...of vacation. Tomorrow I'm getting up at 8 to go take some AP History practice test, so that's how I have from 9-12 covered. Then I'll go home and work on a garden of some sort, and prepare a bonfire for Saturday... and thennnnn I'll do a &*^%ing shitload of homework. It's probably because I've been doing whatever the &*^% I want with my time since friday afternoon, but I'm really not feeling motivated to go back to school.

As Usual

As usual, I had an interesting day. I finished Fight Club, which was a bloody good book (no pun intended), and I began working on the little 7x7 foot cabin out in my little spot in the woods. I'd like to do it completley by natural means, maybe with a little help from an electric drill here and there. It should look nice, where I have it positioned and all.

You know what I hate?`

When you are writing a new profile, and you click on the button to submit it, and it gives you the fcking annoying message saying "your profile is too long so cut it the shit out!"

Thus, the trimming commences.

ml_www: You pick what I hear

well... I just found the coolest (and possibly most useless) prog ever. It basically allows people to connect to a mini webserver on your computer and pick what winamp plays. for example, connect to http://guest:guest@ and pick what I hear. (For a limited time only... I'm on dialup.

vacation is yay.

We are blessed with amazingly wonderful weather, and good times all around. Last night I crooed it with the regulars, and it looks as if tonight will be more or less the same. I have a bonfire built and ready to go as soon as I get a permit, and life is good.

I like not having homework.

Actually, I probably do have homework, but as you can see, I'm not doing it. Tomorrow I'm up at 5:30 for Skahool, and afterschool I'm going to have to endure a track meet untill like 6ish. That kind of sucks. I'm not sure why exactly I'm in track, because I really don't do anything, except something involving a belt.

kind of a boring day, really

It rained. I like the rain, I don't really know why, but I like it. The whole blanket of sullenness sometimes makes us appreciate ones inner self, more than thier immediate surroundings. The rain is also just cool. I never had a problem with getting wet, so I'm in the lucky position of not minding walking in the rain. Sadly, the mood generally associated with rain is gloominess, which is more or less an atmosphere I can immerse myself in if I want to, but for some reason, rainy days are really not that depressing. Little depresses me these days, which is nice, because it sucks not liking things.


i enjoy staring at the sun, but the stars are the brightest moment of my day

Ping pang!

Another really beautiful day. I appreciate days like this, not only because of the beautiful spring weather, but to reflect on how many really cool and great people I know. I've met a lot of people this year, and most of them have been really awesome friends. I understand them just as well as they do me (or so I think) and I'm more or less accepted for who I am, just as I accept them for being who they are. It also helps that most of them can drive.

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