First generation imac

I am in need of finding a first generation imac (it doesn't have to work...) to build a macquarium Evil Block Company . If you have any I am willing to pay a reasonable sum for it!


iPod Hacks

Hey, does anybody know about any interesting iPod hacks? I am already bored of my plain white 40GB iPod. I want interface, and external hacks.
TY! Mac OS

More hardware...

I went shopping at ole Surplus Exchange on Sat. and ran across some nice guys.


For the first time in over a year, I've finally got a job. My last one being such a dread (telemarketer), and having to deal with heavy bouts of depression keeping me down, I haven't really been very motivated to do much of anything for a long time.

Tea Support

Hey folks -

For anyone interested, yes I am working on the 'Fritter, it's just going rather slowly. This next issue will contain my Keynote article (absurdly dated by now), a Doc Webster article as always, a quick article on using stylesheets within a webpage, a review of Cory Doctorows "Eastern Standard Tribe", though mainly focussing on the license behind the book, and a review of the book "Mac Confidential 2.0" which I've just finished.


Everyones crazy, some people just cover it up a little better than others...


Allrighty, saw this thing first tonight, so I might as well add something here.

I'm a Mac user since 1993 now, and I have a rather big collection of macs, 35 right now; the latest addition being a FREE Wallstreet 266/128/4GB.


Yes, well, I know most of you know that I did get a g3 (see my struggles on the old form on PPC/mac and clones). But that doesn't mean I can't talk about it more! I have gotten it to boot, using the origainal 8.1 disk, which has proven that the sound card is dead, and everything else seems to function just fine.

Got a new desk!

Ya! I finally got a good desk this time! It took a wile to set up, but it was worth it. I still have not arranged my stuff to my likening, but I when I do, I'll post some pics.

Day 1, new things

Well lets see...
After browsing around the web I stopped by Apple Fritter this morning, to see a whole new layout.
I had heard that there were going to be changes but I really like the look.
I was up late last night, probably to late considering I have work tommorow.

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