Awaiting "Sapien" (Halo SDK)

Well as stated I am really anxious to get my grubby little paws on the Halo SDK, it will be just like back in the day when I made Marathon Maps, Sounds, Graphics and Physics Models...

The FIRST Post

I am gone for two (TWO) days and the new site is up and running! Things sure change fast around here, not that many people will care to look at this message, but it is sort of a test as well! Smile Wink Sad Laughing out loud Evil Block Company Tongue >:( :?

Food poisoning sucks.

I've been sick for a couple days because I think I ate a bad piece of string cheese. At least we're getting the past two years of personal property taxes paid off and getting the car re-licensed.


Yes, that is one chore that must be done once in a wile, unless you like your Mom/spouse/whatever yelling at you. And when you are done you can shout, "Hey! I had carpet in here?" which can be... interesting...

Interface is coming soon...

The sandbox is looking pretty bare, but hopefully soon I'll have the interface graphics done.

The is only a test

Blog blog blog. I'm blogging away. Ninety-nine bottles of blog on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of blog . . .

Back to the way it was.

So not too long after I reinstalled OS X on my iBook, I decided to go ahead and put it back the way it was. I'm just not storage ready to keep an 18GB backup on my iPod while I fool around with my iBook drive. I'll need to buy a large capacity FW/USB2.0 drive sometime so I can have space for multiple backups & partitions. I thought I was going to be able to do that for my birthday (it was the 9th) but I got a gift card to K-Mart and they don't sell that kind of stuff. I'll most likely buy a GPS from them online. The current leaders are either a Garmin Rino 110 or an eTrex Venture. The Rinos have built-in FRS/GMRS and are WAAS enabled.


The text from my newest english project video:

The first steps weren't hard

Some forward

Some back

But sure enough

We're getting there

Step by step


If all the things we created

To bridge the gaps

Bring us together

Imagine if it actually did.


Isn't blogging useless?

Woo Hoo and a Happy New Year to all!

So I got my 20Gb iPod back from Apple yesterday. It wasn't *my* iPod but a replacement as the serial # is different. Oh well, that's the way Apple handles iPod hardware issues...

Home again

I have been home for 3 days, but have been too lasy to post. Anyway, I got the color style writer 1500 working, just neede cleaning. I can't install 8.6, since the only external cdrom I can use is at school (doh! I should have borrowed it...). There was no internal cdrom with this laptop, it was the cheepy modle (117 w/ no cashe, but strangly an active matrix screen...). The os (7.6.1) that is on the laptop is full of junk, and half of the extentions and control panals are missing (bye bye open transport, appletalk and desktop paterns), and the laptop is not very usefull untill it can get on my network, so I can transfer stuff over.

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