This is me testing and investigating.

So Far Looks pretty good. How do people find others blogs etc...
Can this whole lot really be supported for free. Looks good?

Everything For Everyone

Hey folks -

Just playing with the blogging feature, which actually seems pretty cool so far. It seems to be easy to use, and my Powerbook Duo 210 is handling it just fine. Naturally, as soon as I saw bloggage, I thought of a couple of 'Fritter articles (come on, you know you never read em the first time):

That's a nice little article about contributing stuff to the internet. I like it, but it might be trash for all I know. I tend not to trust stuff that comes right out of my own head.


A nice little article on blogging. Also possibly garbage.

Well, after being that boring, I'm going to be a bit more boring and post my opinions on the songs on the new BNL albulm, Everything For Everyone:

On vacation...

Just sittin here, on vacation up north. I got a 1400c, and having fun. Got a ethernet/modem combo too. The 1400c is getting 8.6 on it as fast as I can get the cd!

bweeeeeeeep! this is a test...

testing the blog functionality. god bless ye, little drupal.

my real blog is here:

Well, lets try this..

Hopefully, I can change my website back to a blog.. lets try this..



This is a test of the bloggy thing. It's blogtastically amazing!

Or something like that.


Things are a changin'

Well, it's certainly gonna be different around here, but the groundworks been laid now so there's no going back. I'm impressed with the power and flexibilty of the Drupal system, it seems that there's a fair few extras that can be dropped in no problem as and when needed.

So far I like:

* The wiki editing. I do enough contributions to the Wikipedia to know wiki better than html
* The user customised themes - Tom just drop the AF logo into the marvin theme and that's me happy.
* The rest of it

What I'd like to see:

* A neat implementation of avatars, positions within AF (i.e. moderator, newbie, member, chief code monkey, etc.) and possibly post count.

First post

I've blogged before and at other, larger sites. I duuno if I'd really keep it up much here, but at least it's free. Unlike iBlog. Sad

Hoo boy, we have a long way to go...

Looks like we have a good deal of stuff to work on in terns of AF 2.0. Hopefully I can integrate the MQ site into Drupal elegantly.

Hacked my Trackball

Last week I spray painted my Logitech trackball with Testors Chrome #1290. The main section took two coats and the buttons took one. You can see basic reflections in it, but they are not very detailed. It looks cool.

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