NEw Toy

I have a new toy to play with. Yay! I got a vintage Apple Color Classic. I plugged it in, turned it on, and pressed the power key. It seems to work (kind of). I got a musical tone, and the screen up, but all it shows is plain white with a mouse curser. I can move the curser, but have no menu or icons. Not sure what's up with it. Hopefully I can a few leads on what to check and what to do.

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de-spammed by eeun

A spammer named colapinbags,
Filled our forum with htm tags.
And eeun did edit,
Although to his credit,
He cannot quite ban, but he nags.

.Repentance is salvation

Repentance is salvation
I did many wrong things before, I'm so regret.

Apple IIGS For Free

I have an Apple IIGS in excellent condition loaded. I have program disks etc. It is for anyone who will care for it as I have over the years. I even have a carrying case for the computer believe it or not. Those were good times. I need someone in the New York Metro area to pick it up if you want it. I cannot bear to throw it away. It is in working order and has been well cared for.

Linux on the Powerbook 3400

We recently got a couple of powerbook 3400's from the dumpster. After a bit of work we ended up with some spare parts and a working machine:

180mhz 603ev
256kb L2
6 gig hard disk
CD rom
80 mb ram

MacHQ Experts

The people that work there were very helpful. It only took about 5 minutes to check in my machine for service.

My new homepage to apple I, apple II and apple Macintosh Computers (german)

Hello friends of old apple computers!

See my new homepage at:



Macbook Pro, iBook Keys

Because I had nothing better to do today at work, I took all the letters and punctuation off an iBook keyboard I had lying around. I also used the tab, caps lock, return, etc. just so I could have the 3 rows completely white.

Theres actually a few benefits to doing this:
The ENTIRE key now glows when I turn on the keyboard light- it looks way cool!

Behold The Computing Power (of a PowerMac 5260...)

Been a long time, but I'm back...

When I'm not fiddling with old computers, disrupting the smooth flow of the Internet or saving the world from impending doom, I'm an astronomy educator and writer. To be honest, I spend a great deal of time doing just that (it was my profession once). My interest in computing actually stems form my interest in space science.


Is my G4 Ti pre-DVI

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