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Apple iBook Clamshell G3

I have been doing research on the Apple iBook Clamshell, and want to know if anybody has a Clamshell for sale or has any links to informational sites about the Clamshell. Please comment! Thanks!

Windows ME

I REALLY need to upgrade from Windows ME. Some of the newer databases won't run on this operating system. Is there a way to upgrade (XP, VISTA, etc...), without wiping out my whole system?


Alice F. in Minnesota

The 286 Project

The 286 Project

Price check on Intel and PPC minis

I've got a trade/buy deal in the works for two minis. I'm curious how much the pair should go for, and I'm not finding too much pricing info. The pricing list at LEM doesn't quite include the specs they have.

ipod nano problem on microsoft xp home edition 2002

yo i got a 2g 2gb silver ipod nano and it works perfectly except for the fact that my computer has no driver installed for it and i have itunes. itunes doesnt pick it up or my computer. ive even installed a 2.0 usb pci card and it still doesnt show. it says unknown hardware everytime i plug it in and it only charges my ipod for about 3 seconds then it quits.


I recently found a thread with an awesome group of photos a member took of a helicopter ride around downtown KC and the Westin Crown Center and Country Club Plaza areas on June 19th. If you've never seen a pic of KC and come from somewhere like California, you'll love all the towers and such. Just try to remember that it sure isn't NYC...

replacing a combo drive in an ibook G3

how do you replace your combo drive ?

My current NetFlix queue

I just recently subscribed, can you tell? As of 2007-04-26 I have 113 movies in my queue, not that anyone gives a hoot: Tongue

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