tree attacks garage and car

The weekend of 15 April 2007 a neighbor's 100 year old 100ft tall white oak attacked my backyard, with these results.

Very Impressed with Apple Support

On Tuesday my 15" Macbook Pro battery stopped charging. Fearing the worst, I kept it plugged in and let it sit overnight. On Wednesday, it still would not charge, so I started looking online for possible solutions. Finding nothing of much value, I decided to just call Apple.

Laserwriter 630 pro

Rescued before it went to the curb - guy said it didn't 'work' with XP. A most excellent printer with parallel to hook to the HP printer server, ethernet for the Appleshare IP network and localtalk for the old machines...although i can bring up the localtalk bridge when necessary...

Size matters.

I upgraded my mini to 1GB of RAM tonight. It is certainly more responsive during use, esp. when multitasking. I logged in and started FireFox, which opens the last 6 tabs I had open when it was closed. Then I switched users to my wife's account and started up FF there which opened the last site she was at.

G4 on hold - say hello to iBike

I've put my G4 project on hold until the new processor arrives...then I can determine whether or not I need a new logic board, or if I should bite the bullet and but a whole system to save me the trouble of sourcing the other parts I'll require.

The MP project

Been wanting to build a dual MP mac for some time but 9600's have been hard to come by, even offered $40 for one!

I'm jealous of me, too...

For now I'll just post: Portable, original case, manuals. Great shape, no boot yet. Cost: one of you probably knows, but it was WAY less that it's worth. Wink

I never thought of myself as a manager...

I have been looking for a steady job for some time, and since I am not up on certification, I can't really get a job in the computer area right now.

Huzzah, I have it!

Well, the little beast came in today...

Hello, World

Well, I finally found one. Ever since reading that article about silent computing (regarding a PB100 and its lack of hard drive), the old eBay fever set in once again. I didn't find a 100. I found... a 150.

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