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Personal Venture in the Forum Industry

Oh the woes of running a forum...

I never thought of myself as a manager...

I have been looking for a steady job for some time, and since I am not up on certification, I can't really get a job in the computer area right now.

Got a new Record player

I got a new record player yesterday, and I can't say how much I missed my last one.  I got a denon Model 300-F turntable with computerized speed control.  I can't believe how good the audio is compared to my last one (Then again, i spent $$400 with it (Came with an extra stylus))  I *love* the warmth of a record.  For some reason, CDs are so sterile, and while they may be good as far as audio qual

Blue Man Group

Last night, the Blue Man Group stopped in at the Qwest Center in Omaha, NE. I can say that it is nothing short of spectacular. *LOT'S* of PVC Fun! The light staging was amazing, but too bad I couldn't get closer to the stage to see how the lighting was done.

almost done with the G3 project

i went from this:

to this:

to this:

and hopefully this:

AIO to minitower project entry (big pictures!)

as i have posted on the forum, i am going to be taking my AIO's contents and throwing them into a Beige G3 MiniTower. I am just testing some things, should i need to do some unexpected stuff.

This is the Sled out of the AIO running on a compaq PSU:

From AIO to minitower. The body switch identity crisis

My AIO is having an identity crisis, and has decided to go thru a body change operation. As you have seen, i have been buying parts for a G3 minitower Project. So far, i have on order is a Tower, and a Bezel and Wings card for a desktop. I received my MUCH needed DB15 to HD15 adapter today in the mail. For only $6.53 USD Shipped off of eBay.

Fsck'n hackers

Pweb was hit again by that (removed) Hacker. I have posted before about MacForum going down, but this time he went too far. And he shut down Macforums for good. The account got deleted, and everytime we redid the database throughout this whole time, he kept finding a way to get in.


I have been working on a website for the last week with a new ISP Server ( and also been contributing to the forum Recently we have had a bot run thru the system and destroy *almost* every site that was on the server. This means that the macforums site AND most of everyone else (including pweb's OWN forums) sites had their PHP MySQL Databases erased.

upload of MacTestPro to my personal server

the link will be (Link Removed)

If it doesn't work, PM me.

What this is:

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