Case Mods

Here a picture of a special casemod I did a few years ago.

A PowerMac 7100 logic board stuffed into a Quadra 700 case - painted in an air force 'digital camouflage' scheme.

My first non-Color Classic hack combines Molecubond spray dye with a wireless keyboard, and a G3/PPC upgrade for the great Quadra 700 form-factor.

Painting the inside of the plastics preserves the shine.

An old SCSI case... or a new Firewire? An elegant modification.

Crusader - Overall Shot
Shinier than your average 7500!

How to add a CD-ROM drive to the Macintosh SE/30.

Gut your Cube and build a kleenex box!

Old news, but still a clever hack.

Go undetected. Introducing the new Stealth G3.