20SC Macintosh Hard Drive on UK 240V Supply

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I have a 20SC Macintosh Hard drive that I brought from the USA.

I am in the UK and we use 240V over here and they use 110V over in the US. The power supply for this unit states that it supports 100V-240V AC which is great but I can find no switch or button that changes the input voltage. Does this mean that I can just plug it into a 240V supply and it will automatically switch? I don't want to damage my new toy! I do have a step down transformer that will take it to 110V so it's not a problem, I was just curios.

Thank you for any help you may be able to offer, here are images of the label on the PSU.

Macintosh HD Label 1.jpg20.95 KB
Macintosh HD Label 2.jpg29.54 KB

My Macintosh: Macintosh Plus with 4MB upgrade and 20SC External HD