2x 64MB RAM stick on a 8100/100 PowerMac... Not working

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Hello people, I've recently bought a pair of 64MB RAM memory modules from Other World Computing (OWC)for my PowerMac 8100 as an upgrade using their own memory upgrade page. And guess what, It only recognizes 16MB on each module. They say there are some 7100 and 8100 memory controllers which aren't compatible with the 64 MB sticks (there is a small warning on the bottom of the page warning it could happen. I started a chat with a technician over there and he told me they would give my money back if I was able to get the sticks there in 45 days... The thing is I live on another country so this is a no go. Shame on them....

But the thing is, is there a way to make them work on my mac 8100? (which mods would I have to do?) Please Help




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