6502 Mem test on Apple 1

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I entered the men test for the 6502 from http://www.willegal.net/appleii/6502mem.htm
I'm using the alternate version at the very bottom of the page since the CPU is dated 1975.

I did this on two different Apple 1's...on the first machine I got the expected output. On the second
machine I got the following after running...
There is about a 4-5 second delay and I get dropped to the monitor. It does not print the expected
error output, or even any successful passes.

The listing from my A1 is here
and here
I looked through this several times and don't see an error. It's possible there is one and I'm just missing it.

Any ideas why I'm seeing this behavior?



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Joined: Oct 15 2013
Posts: 17
Re: 6502 Mem test on Apple 1

After a bit more messing around with this today (reentering the program), I was able to get it to work. There must have been a error the first time that I was just not able to locate. Works now....thanks.