8bit-Slicks: Online top-down racer for the Apple/Atari/C64

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It's my first time posting here, so hello to all!

For the past 12 months I have been developping an online top-down racer called "8bit-Slicks" for the Apple/Atari/C64.
I will be releasing the Atari/C64 version next month, and already released a promo video on YouTube

The game has 10 online servers for up-to 4 players each, and ranking on the website: Ranking

The Apple IIe version is progressing very well, and I hope to release in 2 months from now.
The game requires an 80 column card for Double-Hires GFX, and Uthernet and LanceGS card to play online.
It is also compatible with AppleWin, which emulates the Uthernet card!

I am dropping some screenshots down here to give you an idea of where I am now.


Menu-Apple.png348.13 KB
River-Apple.png454.13 KB

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Re: 8bit-Slicks: Online top-down racer for the Apple/Atari/C64


Congratulations on your work!