Air holes for kids?

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I had two small kids with me Friday when I purchased a large plastic storage box with a lid. They told me they wanted one each to store toys and played with it briefly before I took it home. I'll get them the boxes but I think I should drill some air holes.
I'm concerned that the boxes are more than big enough for a kid to lie down in curled up and it is possible for them to get the lid on from inside. They can easily get it off but what if one decides to have a nap inside. Right now I'm thinking about four 2 inch holes. Does that seem like sufficient?

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Re: Air holes for kids?

You might think of a dog or cat carrier as examples, but I'd simply instruct your kids to never close themselves into such things and just drill those four holes just as a precaution. Use the occasion to teach your kids all about that danger, including abandoned refigerators, car trunks, etc.. Repetition is the best form of education at that age, so for awhile, every time you pull out that box, or stand next to the an open car trunk, remind them again of the danger.

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Re: Air holes for kids?

Air holes top and bottom. To promote temperature differential air circulation. 4 2" top and 4 2" bottom oughta do it.


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Re: Air holes for kids?

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