Am I hallucinating?

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No, I did NOT have a hallucination.

For the past week or so, I have been sleeping in a different bed because I saw a mouse crawl on my bed and when I saw it I moved and the mouse quickly ran away.

It was so fast all I saw was a blur.

I don't like mice near me, and especially because I have had flea problems in the past.

I put glue traps and today I checked the traps and I caught the mouse.

With a trap right under my bed.

I know this sounds trivial and maybe stupid, but how many of you like to sleep with your rodent friends?

My father was an exterminator.

He taught me everything I know.

Here is one secret:

Glue traps are good for catching mice, but what works best?


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Re: Am I hallucinating?

You need to seal off any entrances the mice use too. Use galvanized hardcloth (wire screen).

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Re: Am I hallucinating?

We get mice in our 100-year-old home occasionally. Fall is usually when they try to move indoors and start leaving poop in the kitchen. Sometimes they get into the roof soffits and rattle around while I'm trying to sleep. At least there's a wall between us. I'm sure I'd not be too keen on waking up and finding one staring at me.

I put down five or six traditional spring traps, putting them anywhere droppings have appeared, and assume that if there's one mouse seen there's probably more. I tie a knot of string around the bait pad and put peanut butter on that. The mouse then has to struggle a bit to get the food off and is more likely to set the trap off.


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Re: Am I hallucinating?

Steel Wool works good too. Smile


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