Apple-1 Newbie Wants To Say Thanks!!

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About four or so days ago I asked for help on how to convert an Apple-1 basic program into a hex dump. Well the bad news is I still haven't figured out how to do that... yet. The good news is I was successfully able to save a Basic Apple-1 program as a wave audio file (using an Apple-1 emulator). It took me awhile but I got it! This was my original goal in the first place. I already knew how to convert a hex dump into an audio file for the A1 cassette interface, and that is why I wanted to know how to convert a Basic program into a hex dump. While I would still like to learn how to do that, it really isn't necessary for me at the moment.

Anyway, I'm extremely happy right now and I wanted to thank all the good people here who gave me the invaluable tips and information! I look forward to learning more!

One day I will definitely be getting a replica 1 or Mimeo! Now I have some useful knowledge.

Thanks to:
Mike WIllegal

Thank you all so very much! Smile

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Re: Apple-1 Newbie Wants To Say Thanks!!

Well said, I agree on your posting, I am also very thankful for all their work and taking the effort top share their work with us!