Apple CD SC external drive on IIgs with SCSI card

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I have rom 3 Apple IIgs with the latest SCSI card and I have a external Apple SC CD rom with caddy loader. My question is will the IIgs see it being so big of capacity of a CD also will that purticlar model read burned CD?

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Re: Apple CD SC external drive on IIgs with SCSI card

Yes it will.
But there are some restrictions:
the CD should be made with "Toast" on a mac with OS 9.2 or less - as "old-hfs"
it must be created with the restriction to be using only iso9660 conventions
( on pc´s usually programms like nero make cd´s as mix of iso9660 and joliet ) - that does not work...
the disk should not contain more than 650 MB and it should not use more than 8 directory-levels and not more than 250 files in a directory....
some disk-protections in DOS use illegal characters in file names or give same name to different files .... in such a case the disk should be converted to prodes and renaming files before putting them on a CD
or they should be transferred with ADT to mac as DSK-image-files...
at boottime the cd must be in the CD-drive and sometimes it is needed to reboot the IIGS to get access
from 6.01 to the disk because the cd is not cought in the first boot...
and you should treat the disk like being locked ( i.e. you should only change the CD and then immediatly reboot
to see the new one....


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