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Re: Apple !! Classic For Sale

barbarina wrote:

For Sale Apple II Classic Computer with Printer and Mouse.

Excellent condition.

Please make best offer. All offers will be respectfully considered. Buyer to pay shipping and handling.

Up to this point there are several points missing:
where is the computer located ? - otherwise transportation can´t be calculated .....
which model ? II, IIplus, II europlus or IIe ? - otherwise value can´t be calculated...
it would be rather more usefull to also publish some pictures.... - otherwise value also can´t be calculated....

i would recommend to view earlier saleoffers to get impression, what informations are given in such posting...
such information has also been demanded in earlier postings to be delivered before serious offers have been made....
sincerely speedyG


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Re: Apple !! Classic For Sale

It's a mac classic not a Apple II. It is in good condition however (I requested pics)