Apple I, possible Homebrew query

I’m researching a book on that era as it relates to the formation of Apple. I represent the owner of an Apple I, and we're attempting to trace its ownership history down through the years.

The documentation on this Apple I indicates that it was sold personally by Jobs. It’s possible that the original owner was a Homebrew Club member. We'd like to locate anyone who knew something about this original owner, re: someone from that era, or with knowledge of someone who might.
The original owner was named Charles Ricketts, and he lived in Mountain View at the time, in 1976. I think we also know that he might have wanted the computer to power a display at a Sears Automotive outlet.

If you'd be willing to search your files or memories for anyone by that name, or for anyone affiliated with the first Apple who'd be willing to come forward to contact us, I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks for your attention,

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