Apple I replica creation book CD

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Hello world,

I just wanted to ask if any one could send me or direct me to the schematics that came with "Apple I replica creation: Back to the garage" Because, well, I was way too exited to wait for it in the mail Big smile so i bought it for my ipad and.... well it just occurred to me today that i wouldn't have the cd/files Shock . I don't care much for McCAd but i'd really like the other files.


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Re: Apple I replica creation book CD

I'll get a copy to you.



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Re: Apple I replica creation book CD

I just got in my "new" copy of Apple I Replica Creation from Amazon. I say "new" instead of new since it did not come with the CD.

Would anyone be able to send me the content of the cd? That's the whole reason I ordered the book in the first place!




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Re: Apple I replica creation book CD

I've uploaded a Mac disk image of the original bundled CD; you can download it here.


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