Apple II?

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Have a look at this photo.
What do you think this is?
Have you ever seen one of these before?

To me, it looks like a IIGS prototype
with the keyboard attached. (keeping
in lines with the other II series)

IIx.JPG561.12 KB

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Re: Apple II?

The Apple IIx was a project run within Apple around 1983/1984 to modernise the Apple II using the new 65816. The project was scrapped due to delays getting working samples of the 65816 from WDC.

I've never seen a picture of an Apple IIx, so if this is genuine (and I have no reason to believe it isn't), then thanks for sharing!

But you are essentially correct, it is a pre-cursor to the IIgs. I'm pretty certain that they used much of the R&D for the Apple IIx on the IIgs.

You can read all about the Apple IIx project here:


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Re: Apple II?

You know, with everyone using 3D printers today, the case of this thing can be reproduced and it would be a pretty cool and interesting showpiece.

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Re: Apple II?

It could be a prototype, but the cynic in me is skeptical. That keyboard just looks.. weird.

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Re: Apple II?

Surely that design style with all the lines was not around in 83, 84?

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Re: Apple II?

This looks like a "modernized" IIe with a IIc-style keyboard and some snow-white styling. Neat. I've never seen it either.

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Re: Apple II?


Thanks for the link.
After reading about the Apple IIx project,
the picture seems less of mystery.
It starts to make sense. The keyboard
does have a IIc type look with the IIGS
type styling case.


Yes that would be cool!!

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Re: Apple II?

It's really strange how the keyboard appears to have no arrow keys and otherwise is somewhat at odds with the final layout of the IIe and IIc's keyboards. I wish the photo/scan was a little clearer so we could see the legends on the keys. I wonder if this is some prototype layout that was being floated during that period after the Macintosh's introduction where Apple was making very insistent public proclamations that thanks to the mouse arrow keys were a thing of the past (to justify the lack of them on the Mac's keyboard). I could totally see at one point some manager taking it upon himself to circulate an internal memo c1suggesting that thanks to the company's new direction arrow keys were not to appear on any future Apple II either...

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Re: Apple II?

Perhaps it's a fake... done by using photoshop...

@wishtoknow: from where did you get that picture?


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Re: Apple II?

It might actually be a design sample from frog design. They made a lot of mockups that looked like ready to produce computers for apple.
Like this one:

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Re: Apple II?

That looks interesting.
Though I can't see where
all chips are housed? (inside the monitor)

Do you have any others you can share?