Apple II Emulator in your wrist

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Just found this link, it's old but found it very interesting and wanted to share it with the community:


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Re: Apple II Emulator in your wrist

Interesting article, never saw it before. Thanks for posting the link.


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Re: Apple II Emulator in your wrist

Amazing. Not 10 minutes ago I was just playing my old brick Gameboy and thinking "man...I wonder if there is anyway to cram an Apple I or II in something like this...that'd be cool." And then..this.

Very cool.


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Re: Apple II Emulator in your wrist

That's fairly kooky. Of course Apple could just have their own Apple II emulator app for using the vast existing software library on iOS. I don't think that would fit with their current penchant for favoring "quality of user experience" over choice. Then people would be able to write their own apps easily in BASIC and how would they make any money from that circumstance?

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Re: Apple II Emulator in your wrist

Thanks for posting. That's one link to my emulator I never saw. I think that form factor might be just a little too small to play those games, though.