Apple II+ Keyboard Mod - Questions/thoughts?

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Hi all, have a II+ with a shift key mod on steroids. The machine does not currently boot, have to swap the power supply and check a few things before I can actually
try it out.

mean time, I have never seen a mod quite like this (although I've never seen a lot of things!)
so was wondering in lieu of being able to test it yet does anyone have any thoughts/experiences/ideas what all this is about?

Pictures attached.

IMG_8046.JPG3.46 MB
IMG_8048.JPG2.83 MB
IMG_8049.jpg2.96 MB
IMG_8053.jpg3.73 MB

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Re: APple II+ Keyboard Mod - Questions/thoughts?

Hello Zan,

there are still some important parts of the mod not displayed by picture and therefor missing:

the solderside of the square experimental PCB attached at the side of the case....
and the pin at which the cable ends below the blue flatribboncable at the gameport.....

and i quess that there is also some kind of mod below rhe keyboard at the mainboard close to the Char Eprom....

at the moment i guess that the guy used a annuciator of the gameport to switch function by POKE command
( like between charset of US <> European charset by poke at the gameport annunciator... )

but complete analysis can only be done with complete set of pictures displaying the entire mod.....
( also checking out the solderside of the keyboard and the related key )



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Re: Apple II+ Keyboard Mod - Questions/thoughts?

Once I get the system apart I'll take more photos and also test the system too (I know I need to swap PSUs, not sure what else may be needed)
I'm hoping to get to that this weekend. Thanks for the thoughts, I will update here when/if I get this sucker going as well as add photos.