Apple II+ lower case and shift-key mod

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I am sure this information is posted somewhere, so beat me up if you must.

For day-to-day Apple II stuff, I'm using an Apple //e Platinum. To mess around with my old BBS, I've purchased an Apple ][+ and each of the orignal cards I owned back then:

0: 16K Card
1: Grappler
2: Apple Cat Modem
3: SmartTerm 80 Column Card (special firmware that I wrote the BBS towards)
4: Mountain Apple Clock II
5: Applied Engineering RAM Factor Card
6: Disk II Interface
7: Open

My original Apple was a ][+ and it had been tricked out with lower case and a shift-key mod. Problem is, the new one has neither. I found information on the shift-key mod, but does anyone sell the lower case chip off-the-shelf? Inquiring minds want to know. Don't have a ROM burner. Don't remember if it required anything in addition to the actual chip for lower case.

Thanks in advance,
Randal Stout

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Re: Apple II+ lower case and shift-key mod

Hi Randal,
The lower case ROM could be easily burned from a 2716 EPROM but there are a few to choose from.
The "Dan Paymar" lower case ROM was popular back in the day. I suppose you could use that one but I
found that most (including the Dan Paymar version) had some querks in the lower case characters OR
there was some dependency in the extra ASCII Characters at the end of the character set.
Search out the "Apple PIGROM character set" and you'll see what I mean.

I made up my own (again, back in the day) and can burn one for you if you'd like. I used block
characters at the end of the ASCII set and I think it was the best one out there.

FYI, your Apple II+ needs to be Revision 7 or later, otherwise you will need an adapter to use the 2716 EPROM.



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Re: Apple II+ lower case and shift-key mod

Thanks Macnoyd!

I looked at the motherboard and the part number it has indicates that it is an RFI revision. I'll take whichever ROM you can give me. As long as there is lower case, I'm cool! Let me know how much.

Randal Stout