Apple II networking cards?

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Is anyone actively working on an ethernet card similar to Uthernet for the IIe/IIgs lines?

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Re: Apple II networking cards?

hello Storycrafter,
last time i hear from that topic is quite a while gone ( more than half a year ago )......
in the thread :
the member MarkO mentioned in thread #11 that he intends to work with a wiz811 module...
thats a TCP/IP stamp module for Arduino .....
though he intended to use it for a project ralated to the Apple II game server - it might be as well used for other
TCP/IP web based connections....
allthough he also added later some additional postings, there were no further postings issued to the progress in this specific topic itself.....
maybe it would be a good idea to get in contact with the member by pm and asking him for information on progress...
sincerely speedyG


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Re: Apple II networking cards?

Great, thanks for the reference!

I'm really looking for cs8900 projects, but I will try to reach out to him.