Apple II Plus part or repair before it goes on sale on eBay

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I have an Apple II Plus that I purchased a few weeks ago in working condition. Not long after I got it out and started playing with it, it died. No video or beep on boot. The power light does come on. It also has a u-sci drive with disk drive card and 16k RAM expansion. I'm not sure what is wrong with it, but I have taken it apart, pulled every IC, and still don't know what the issue is. My best guess is that it is something on the motherboard like a resistor or capacitor that has shorted out. I believe the power supply, keyboard, RAM expansion card, disk drive card, and disk drive are all in perfect working condition. I'm asking $200 for all of it plus shipping or I can part it out if you need a certain part. Will go live on eBay on 3/3/2018 at 9 pm Central Time. After that you will have to put in offers through eBay and I won't be able to part it out as easily.