Apple ii VGA Card

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Unfortunately this website is 'temporarily' out of business.
But WOW , a whole bunch of cool cards.

The VGA card looks complete, as well as the IDE controllers.;id=56;ac=_%11%1C%1D%19%02%05%00%0B%0D%02%01KPMNK%06%12%11H76l6%281%2F*%29%3D%2F*%3C%3D%22*b%7F1%3C9z;go

Also click on appe II hardware, and then the three tabs:
Now available, currently under development, future projects

An apple II computer with a VGA web browser?!!
Wow that would be cool.

The following is a link to the guy that invented? The card?
there are some you tube videos of him.

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Re: Apple ii VGA Card

I wonder if these guys are out of business? Looks like they have some great products, from what I saw. It would be nice if they have these cards and were selling them.

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Re: Apple ii VGA Card

Its a shame that those inventions go to waste, if they ever recover people may have no interest. Like other cool ideas, like the micro drive, little control panel or other nice inventions disappearing, shame.

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Re: Apple ii VGA Card

Yeah I remember them. It looked like a really good site and the fact they had developed, or were developing an VGA card for the //c was really nice. We'll just have to hope that they reappear, but who knows.


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Re: Apple ii VGA Card

Not to burst your bubble, but that just looks like a TTL(digital) RGB to analog RGB converter board. These are ubiquitous on eBay right now. If you want VGA off of your composite or CGA (digital) classic, it's not hard or expensive to do nowadays. I'm not saying he didn't invent something, but the same functionality is quite easy to get.

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Re: Apple ii VGA Card

I've one of the prototypes that Ferdinand used. Not bought directly from him, but from another Apple enthusiast who bought it from him.

The IIc adds just a little complexity because the video port it has on the back is not a regular RGB port ( I think the only released products that used the IIc video port are the portable LCD panels around that time. There was also a Video7 adapter to convert to TTL RGB, and another Video7 adapter to convert to analog RGB; neither adapter is easy to find nowadays. This Apple IIc VGA product seems to be, in functionality, a combination of that RGB adapter and an RGB to VGA converter.

For the Apple IIe, TTL RGB cards can still be easily found (~$50 on eBay). Those can then be modded to drive CGA monitors, and eventually further to VGA monitors.

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Re: Apple ii VGA Card

It's OK, you can drop names. Wink Of all the //c to VGA adapters I've used, the Guimauve 2000 had the best, most reliable results.