Apple IIC Chinook Hard Drive Utilties Help

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I have a Apple IIC Chinook external hard drive.

At one point I used the drive on a Mac and so the partitions are no longer 4 ProDOS drives that can been seen by the Apple IIC.

I do not have any utility software that can partition the drives for ProDOS as the drive originally shipped to me from Chinook Technologies.

I know the CSU.SHK is available for download in public domain but I do not have a Mac or an internet capable Apple to get that image and write it to disk.

Does anyone have any suggestions outside of using Cider Press or is that pretty much my only option.

You can see the device I am talking about here :

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Re: Apple IIC Chinook Hard Drive Utilties Help

I know you said you don't have a Mac but just to put it out there, under System 7 there was actually a ProDOS system extension that could be used to read, write and format drives. I guess it would be possible to run System 7 in an emulator, but if you were going to go to all that effort and maybe find that it doesn't work, well... CiderPress would probably be easier.

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Re: Apple IIC Chinook Hard Drive Utilties Help

Those Chinook drives were great. I have the ct40c, and there are now modern Smartport mass storage devices available for the IIc.

When you mentioned CiderPress, were you planning to take the SCSI disk out of the enclosure and attaching it to your modern PC/Mac to partition with CiderPress? I'm not familiar if there's a solution to physically attaching a Smartport device to a modern PC/Mac.

Assuming you still have the IIc and appropriate cabling, you might have meant using ADTPro to transfer the CSU disk image from the PC/Mac to the IIc and write to the physical diskette from there.

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Re: Apple IIC Chinook Hard Drive Utilties Help

For me, Ciderpress would be the path of least resistance.

Here are the steps I would take:

  1. Use Ciderpress to create a blank 140kb disk image
  2. Open CSU.SHK in another instance of Ciderpress
  3. Copy all files from CSU.SHK and paste into the blank disk image
  4. Transfer the 140kb image onto a real floppy using ADTPro

You should then be able to run the utilities from that disk. You might need to boot into PRODOS or DOS3.3 first (I have no idea what disk OS the utilities are expecting).

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Re: Apple IIC Chinook Hard Drive Utilties Help

I ended up doing a combination of everything above.

I pulled the 100mb Conner drive from the ct80c. I attached it to a Windows 7 machine with an Adaptec SCSI controller.

I used CiderPress to put on a Prodos volume large enough to boot it into prodos and also hold the CSU.SHK files.

Then I put the drive back into the enclosure and booted it up with the Apple IIc and up came the a filer menu.

Then I selected CSU and actually went and partitioned the drive (which wiped everything) but still allowed me to do it since CSU was loaded into memory.

My ct80c now has 3 x 32gb partitions.

My plan now is to pull the unit again and put it on the PC and use CiderPress to populate the files on it from images.

Does anyone know how much these units have been selling for today for people interested?

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Re: Apple IIC Chinook Hard Drive Utilties Help

Im interested. I don't know the prices but I would pay $100. I could offer you a Tecnobytes IDE card for trade.