Apple IIc internal disk drive

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I just purchased a Apple IIc.

Everything seems to work well.

I tried the Apex II Apple II diagnostic from Asimov. Every test was successful - but the Disk PROM controller test was not.

I tried about 25 different disks and all are booting and working without problems.

So the question:

Is the Apex II test not able to test an Apple IIc internal disk drive? Which differences are between the Apple IIc internal disk drive and the Disk II?


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Re: Apple IIc internal disk drive

yep ... there is slight difference at the IIc....
but if the disk are working correct that's not a problem to bother....
besides there are different versions of images from the APEX test out there.
Some test old 13 sector proms.....

Its far more important to use the testing of the disk drives to calibrate correct speed and
the problem:
Speedtest is rather simple...
positioning test only works correct with original disk !

pay attention - there is special section about drives of the IIc !


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