Apple IIc Keyboard Issue

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I recently picked up an Apple IIc, which actually works better then expected. It boots up fine and the disk drive works fine, the keyboard is just all out of wack. Whenever I am using the keyboard, while on the boot screen or in a program, the keys only register as spaces or random characters, never what I am actually typing. I have looked on ebay and found other IIc's with this problem but nothing on the web that can help me fix it. Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Apple IIc Keyboard Issue

Question: you have made sure that the keyboard switch is in the "QWERTY" position and not in the "Dvorak" position (pushed in)... right?

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Re: Apple IIc Keyboard Issue

It sounds like that, the Keyboard Cable is not seated properly, or you have a bad Character Generator ROM.

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Re: Apple IIc Keyboard Issue

My similar problem was a bad AY-5-3600 Keyboard Encoder chip. These are usually cheap enough online to warrant the gamble. It's not socketed on the //c so you will need to desolder the original chip carefully. I added a socket to mine before adding the new chip, and things worked great.

But check the basic stuff first, the keyboard cable etc.