Apple IIe model A2S064T 820-0073-B 1982 (P.A.L.)

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A few weeks ago I turned it on, but the green light on keyboard blinked two or three times then it died.
What do you think about.
I live in South of Italy, so I will be very glad to know someone who lives in the same zone and is expert in such a type of problem.

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Re: Apple IIe model A2S064T 820-0073-B 1982 (P.A.L.)

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I'm pretty sure that something is wrong with the power supply. The first thing I'd do is to check with a multimeter if all of the voltages are there. There should be +5V, +12V and -12V if memory serves me right.

If not I bet on it that the fault are dried out capacitors. If you know how to solder, that can be fixed for just a few cents worth of components.


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Re: Apple IIe model A2S064T 820-0073-B 1982 (P.A.L.)

And also -5V.

Power Supply Connector Socket      Power Supply Output Ratings<br />
          _________<br />
         /         \               +5V @ 2.50 Amps (continuous)<br />
   -12V  |  5   6  |   -5V         -5V @ 0.25 Amps (continuous)<br />
         |         |              +12V @ 1.50 Amps (continuous)<br />
    +5V  |  3   4  |  +12V        -12V @ 0.25 Amps (continuous)<br />
         |         |<br />
    GND  |  1   2  |   GND<br />


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