Apple Lisa 1 frontplate replica

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We all know the Lisa 1 frontplate is becoming a very rare, almost impossible to find and afford item. I was thinking of making a mould for casting this particular frontplate. Would there be others who would like to have a Lisa 1 frontplate replica?

For me, the mould for a small series/prototype should not be very expensive since I have some experience with moulds and the necessary cnc machinery for the production. I just want to know if there is any interest because if not, I would fabricate one by rapid prototyping with similar cost but in much less time.

best regards!

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Re: Apple Lisa 1 frontplate replica

I'd be very interested in this project - I have two upgraded Lisa 1s that I'd like to downgrade, if at all possible. I was also wondering, could you print physical parts for a twiggy drive? I have detailed pictures that I can send you if interested.
- Tom

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Re: Apple Lisa 1 frontplate replica

I would be interested too! DO you know already the price range for the front plate?



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Re: Apple Lisa 1 frontplate replica

Definitely interested.

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Re: Apple Lisa 1 frontplate replica

Greetings alex,

im very interessted to find an apple 1 front cover replica. Im working on a homebrew computer project that is based on the lisa 1 computer system. I want to use 5.25 inch floppy drives for my desgin but i need the apple lisa 1 front cover, i only have the latter one.
Friend, whatever it costs to design such a replica i pay you a good price, im fed up searching for this piece of plastic.

Best Regards