Apple mouse interface ?

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I have a Apple mouse interface card that i wanted to test. I put it in a GS and ran the system disk to check it out. That left me wondering if there was a lot of mouse driven software for the //e that made Apple make this card? Or was there other reasons to use it in a GS instead of the default mouse? Just wondering.



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Re: Apple mouse interface ?

About 3 years before the release of the IIGS Apple supported a wide bunch of software using the
mouse ! Starting with games and drawing programs like Mousepaint and later even also Textprograms
like Mousewrite. Its quite funny that the later generations still believe that the mouse started
its career with the Mac and the IIGS. In fact the truth is just, that that systems have been the first ones where the mouse was delivered as standard device and not as additional addon. But in fact at least 20% of the IIe´s
of the former days had gotten the mouse as addon supply puchased and added. And with those who used
computers in that days for art and graphics at the IIe had at least a mouse or a bit more rare a
trackball or a drawpad.


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Re: Apple mouse interface ?

Here's a cool use for your Mouse Card: Multitasking Mouse Draw Demo v1.3.

Look it up.


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