Apple Powerbook Duo Desires- any info would be neato!

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Greetings All-
I've recently become re-interested in the vintage Apple Powerbook Duo series of Powerbooks. I recently acquired a Apple Powerbook 210 and it runs great.. albeit via it's A/C adapter.
Anyone have any ideas where I could get: 1) a new battery, 2) a floppy adapter, 3) a dock- the bigger dock would be great but I guess the mini dock would be okay, 4) then the Duo Dock Plus would be the final thing.
I've looked at a few Duo Docks- but usually the eject motors are dead or click so getting a working one would be a plus. If anyone knows a cost effective way to fix them that would be okay... I am a trade electrician as well as 4 other trades as well.
If you can give me an idea of what you have that would be great, as always- I look to you guys who know Macs best!
Thanks in advance,
Todd 'applguy'

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Re: Apple Powerbook Duo Desires- any info would be neato!

I still have the key to lock the Duo into the DuoDock! All of the rest of the equipment has been sold or given away years ago...