Atari DOS for Apple II

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According to wikipedia

OS/A+ was a disk-based replacement for the Atari DOS and the Apple II DOS.
Version 4 was for Apple II.
It was an operating system.

The book is found below in the link.

Did this ever see the light of day?

Or did it merge into CP/A which then became CP/M?

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Re: Atari DOS for Apple II
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Re: Atari DOS for Apple II

Alas it was never released for the Apple II.
Strange there is a manual for it on Atarimania.

There is documention for CP/A though.

The link is below.

According to the link 6502enhanced gave,
he does have the disks for it also. (Maybe pre-lease)
I have emailed him to see if these disks are still

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Re: Atari DOS for Apple II

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Re: Atari DOS for Apple II

I haven't had a response to regarding the disks.
I guess they don't exist.

It is interesting nonetheless.

Apple awarded the DOS contract to Shephardson Microsystems.
They in return completed the job and sent it to back to Apple.

It's interesting that it was sent back to Apple in punch card
format in which Wozniak made an interface card for the Apple II
that could read the punched cards. (Anyone heard about this?)

OS/A+ was developed after DOS was written for Apple. Paul Laughton
says that it was cancelled for legal reasons. I guess perhaps Apple
didn't want another competitive operating system on the market.

Since DOS was completed and now Apple's, perhaps they used it as
a source for SOS and ProdDOS.

Below is a link that outlines the Apple II DOS as seen by Paul Laughton.