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I don't know if any of you have bought anything off of Buggie4vrl on ebay. He is the one that makes the Buggie power supplies, and I'm sure you all have heard of him. I have made a couple of purchases from him on ebay, and he is the greatest. If you ever think of buying from him, don't hesitate. He is great. Good, honest, ebay seller. That is a rarity these days.

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Re: Buggie

I bought a couple of Rockwell 65C02 processors from he about a year ago... Very nicely packaged. Very nice transaction over all..

His day job is a Psychology Professor at U of NM, Gallup, NM.
He got his Doctorate of Psychology at U of O, Eugene, OR, close to where I live...

I would definitely buy from him again....

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Re: Buggie

Yes he is good, he included a bunch of free software with a card I purchased from him. He also included the original Applied Engineering manual, where as the listing said it only included a copy. He also has great communication.

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Re: Buggie

the man is an old timer dating back to at least the early 90s (think usenet)
I sold him the hardwood encased Disk IIs and a zipchip some decade ago.

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Re: Buggie

I love buying from him he is honest about what he sales and is verry knowledgable about Apple II seres computers.