Cardboard Macintosh 512k

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I found these on an old magazine cover disc filled with shareware and clip art.

Print these out and make your own Macintosh

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Re: Cardboard Macintosh 512k

These are great, thank you! I'm a huge paper model enthusiast, so these fit right in; two hobbies in one! FYI, I think the second image may be corrupted. Thanks again!


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Re: Cardboard Macintosh 512k

Yes I think through the ages of time that image has become messed up

I have included a few more early clipart photos, haven't seen these ones on the internet before.

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Re: Cardboard Macintosh 512k

I remember making a paper Macintosh. It was probably close to 10 years ago by now. What happened to it? ...


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