CEC-I * the Apple II clone made in China 1986 - 90s

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I got my first computer when I'm in high school, it cost severy months wages of my parents in 1989 ($345 for main unit at the times, and $135 for an 40 tracks 5.25" floppy disk drive next year), and it changes my life forever.

CEC-I , the short name of "China Education Computer", the Apple II+ / IIe clone made in China, producted from 1986 to early 90's. The late model is CEC-M, which contained printer port.

The first full set of CEC-I photos on internet! Come from my still real working CEC-I TODAY! Welcome to [My Flickr].

CEC-I-01.jpg166.67 KB


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Re: CEC-I * the Apple II clone made in China 1986 - 90s

Thank you for sharing those pictures and your story! I have not read about that clone before now, let alone seen one.