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There were alot of Apple II clones made
back in the day.
But were there many clones that had dual CPU's?

If so, can you name them and their specifications?

How were they different from regular Apples, etc.
(What unique features did they have)

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Re: Clones

IIRC, the Franklin Ace, ( 1000, 1100 and 1200 ) all came with a Z80..

I was a Lab tutor in a lab with the Ace 1000 and Ace 1200, as well as some original IBM-PCs and IBM-PC XTs.


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Re: Clones


Franklin were not Dual CPU's on board.
The Frankline 1200 came with Z80 as a softcard.
I am interested in clones that had 6502 (or variants)
with Z80 on the circuit board.

Thanks anyway.

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Re: Clones

According the following web page


"Basis 108, a German clone for the Apple II included both a 6502 processor and the Zilog Z80, allowing it to run the CP/M operating system as well as most Apple II software. This machine was housed in a heavy cast aluminum chassis. It was equipped with built-in Centronics (parallel) and RS232c (serial) ports, as well as the standard six Apple II compatible slots. Unlike the Apple II it came with a detached full-stroke keyboard (AZERTY/QWERTY) of 100 keys plus 15 functions keys and separate numeric and editing keypads."

See this as well

According the following page

"The Davison Apple II clone is another example, which had three processors, the 6502, Z80 and a copy of the Titan 6809 card on the main board, which could be optionally populated with the 6809E processor."


Kind regards from Berlin (Germany)
Torsten aka tokabln

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Re: Clones


Thanks for the reply and links.

Clones I have not heard about look interesting.

Accord 8000 - Triple CPU's (Z80A/6502/6809)
Base 64-D - Dual CPU's (6502/Z80A)
Pineapple DP-64E - Dual CPU's (6502/Z80)
Rakoa I - Dual CPU's (6502/Z80A)
ZD103 - Dual CPU's (Z80A plus choice of 6502 or 6809)

There was an Australian clone called a Medlfly
(Medflys eat apples) but cannot find any info on that.

These are just adds from magazines of yesterday.
Are there any archived manuals anywhere online?
Have tried usual asimov and not return.

Any more tips?