Confirmed, the Apple-1 ACI works with the iPhone 7plus using an adapter

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So Apple-1 ACI with original .01uf cap, not the .1 cap that is usually on replicas works great.

I was out planning with a "Museum" display company an Apple-1 display in another city yesterday. Since this was a known operational unit I had worked on Last year, I was asked to demonstrate it so we can plan an interactive Kiosk. I hadn't expected to turn on the Apple-1. I actually didn't expect the Apple-1 to even be in the conference room we were in, so I didn't have an iPod or cassette tapes on me. All I had was my new iPhone 7 plus with the headphone to lightening port adapter on my long in the tooth Bose headphones. After forgetting I had the "Sound Check" turned on. Everything loaded fine. Once less thing to worry about in the future.


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Re: Confirmed, the Apple-1 ACI works with the iPhone 7plus ...

That's very cool and good to know, thank you!