A couple of neat cards I picked up recently

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These cards were part of a piecemeal clone system called the "Appleseed" produced by Douglas Electronics. It was designed as a turnkey system where you could buy only the components that you needed to build a product. There was a small bus board and then all the pieces of the Apple II were available as cards - a CPU system card, a memory system card, a video system card, ROM, IO, etc.

These are the CPU and memory cards. Although I don't have any other components (there are a couple others evailable on eBay), these are the most interesting for working with a full Apple II/II+ as they replace the CPU and memory when installed in an Apple II. So, problems with those systems can be isolated quickly. Anyway, a couple more unique toys for the collection.

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Re: A couple of neat cards I picked up recently

Very Cool.....

I like uncommon Apple ][ hardware....


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Re: A couple of neat cards I picked up recently

Awesome !
Appleseed rings a bell in my head. I was aware of the cloning cards manual. But the spelling is different : Apple-seed


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