Dark Screen on MacBook Air A1466

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My son's computer MacBook Air A1466 was inactive for 1 month and when we restarted it recently, the screen always comes up black.

The CPU is OK, since we can hear the bootup beep.
We tried the following suggestions with no luck:

1) Reset SMC

2) Keypress Sequence to Ditch the Black Screen

3)Reset PRAM

Unfortunately, none of the three suggestions work.

I was wondering if there is anything else to reset or bypass.

If it is a hardware problem, what should I be testing and how (i.e inverter, LCD panel, etc)?

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Re: Dark Screen on MacBook Air A1466

You could try the safe boot. Holding down the shift key while it boots.
Could also try plugging in an external monitor

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Re: Dark Screen on MacBook Air A1466

Try shining a bright flashlight at the screen while the machine is running -- if you can (faintly) see what would normally be displayed on the screen, then the backlight is bad.


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Re: Dark Screen on MacBook Air A1466

Thanks for all your feedback.

I finally found the problem.
I was about to return the computer to the store, after I noticed there was 2 weeks left on the warranty.
My son had put theses plastic colored shells the on the computer.
When I removed the top shell and rebooted the computer, the screen came back to life.
I guess the shell was distorting the LCD assembly enough to break the connection to the computer bottom.