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Who released many games for the Apple II

The Bilestoad
Cavern Creatures
Super Bunny
Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory

and many others.

They also published books.
I can find certain titles for the C64 and Atari
but for the Apple II none.

Has anyone got any of these books or seem them?

One of interest is

Apple Thesaurus by Aaron Filler.

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Re: Datamost

I for one have never come across
any Datamost books for Apple II.

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Re: Datamost

I have 'Using 6502 Assembly Language' by Randy Hyde. I believe this was published by Datamost.

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Re: Datamost

I have three other Datamost books at least.

Games Apples Play
Cappella and Weinstock

Mine is scanned here:

How to Write an Apple Program
Ed Faulk
(haven't scanned it yet)

Intermediate Apple
Bill Parker
(haven't scanned it yet)

At some point I'll scan those last two, but they do exist. And, yes, "Using 6502 Assembly Language" by Hyde is Datamost, I've got a couple different versions of that.

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Re: Datamost

Using 6502 Assembly Language by Randy Hyde is
the most popular, recognised and archived.

Others lesser known are:

Sound and Graphics: For the Apple II, IIe and Franklin Computers
by Jerry Abad

Designing Apple games with Pizazz! by Greg Minter and John Ruffner

The Elementary Apple by William B. Sanders


It would be great if you could scan the other two books and put
them on

Still, anyone heard of:

Apple Thesaurus by Aaron Filler?

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Re: Datamost

Amazon lists 7 copies from $10.00 and up.


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Re: Datamost

Don't have the space for physical books.
Looking for electronic copies.