Disk II read error on track 34

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I have a Disk II, after a lot of cleaning, I have a disk II reading/writing the floppy disk

but I have some read error on track 34, it's not a bad floppy disk (the problem occurs on almost
all my disks)

I've adjusted the speed, it was a bit slow

but know I have no idea,
occasionally it works and read the entire disk...

but most often it fails on the last track

any idea of what I should to to solve this problem ?




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Re: Disk II read error on track 34

Hello dvador,
like most, it seems you haven´t viewed the former threads about this topic....
otherwise you would have found this topic:
and if you would have taken a view to the related named pages you would have found this:
and it does not hgurt to yiew also the previous pages and the followup pages...
how about checking out the list of related threads with the search function ?
It´s the white box in the upper right corner at each page.....
and it does not kill anybody using it....


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Re: Disk II read error on track 34

Effectively, I missed this post,

The entire web site is really great,
and specially the specially this section on floppy disks

my Disk II now works wonderfully,