From Disk Images (ROMs) to Floppy- need some pointers

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Apologize if this topic has been covered but I cannot find any related posts.
Yesterday I got an Apple //e so that I could travel back in time and look at floppy disk contents I made from 35 years ago. It'a all working fine. I also decided to get the Microdrive CF solution so that I could transfer data between the Apple II and Windows using a CF card and CiderPress. Using Shrinkit I've backed up many of my floppy disks to images- all good. I've been able to extract those images using CiderPress to directories on my Windows system. The content is there.

I've noticed you can download Apple II software program ROMs (e.g. VisiCalc). I'm able to transfer this disk image to the CF card and see it on the Apple IIe. Using DiskMaker 8 v1.1, I can browse to the image file, select it and create a floppy with no errors reported. Problem is the disk has no content OR I can run anything on it.

Am I using the wrong program to read the images and create the floppy disks? Or is there some trick?
If you could point me the right direction, that's all I need.

Thanks in advance.


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Joined: Dec 9 2016
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Re: From Disk Images (ROMs) to Floppy- need some pointers

Ok never mind I just had a bad image and therefore got garbage from it. I found a image and all works fine.
I have a way of answering my own posts.