Display upgrade for Powerbook 190cs

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Hey forum,
I've got a PowerBook 190cs on the way. I got a screaming deal on ebay. I'd like to upgrade the passive matrix color display to the active matrix color display used in the 5300ce. I'm pretty tech competent and I have a 5300 for misc parts. My assumption is that the video card from the 5300 and the better LCD with controller are all I need. So my questions are:
-What LCD panel should I be looking for. (model #? Manufacturer?)
-Do I need other parts to make it work?
-Am I out of my mind for upgrading an 040 machine when I have a PowerPC machine right here?
(I have an affinity for pre-PowerPC machines. The first computer I ever bought was a PB 180)

Thanks for the help and any words of wisdom.



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