Do ][ //e parallel printer cards have any use, aside from printers?

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I never plan to use my machines to print stuff, and it seems the parallel cards have very little monetary value, so I was wondering if there are any cool things you can do with them?

If not, I'll just remove it and wish it was a serial card instead Smile

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Re: Do ][ //e parallel printer cards have any use, aside ...

I once used my Grappler+ card and Apple II+ to control a set of relays years ago when I worked in a laser laboratory. It served as a makeshift industrial controller till we built our own.

On the PC and Amiga the parallel port has been used for digitizer/soundcard/zipdisk interfaces and no doubt many other non-standard applications.


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Re: Do ][ //e parallel printer cards have any use, aside ...

Most Apple II parallel cards are pretty bare-bones. However, the Apple Parallel Interface Card (APIC) has a full 8 bit input port as well as an output port - a true parallel port. So I did this with it:

And in video (not sure this will make the translation from FB):