Does anyone have any experience with

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After looking a lot I found athana they apparently make disks to order according to the post I found some time back on another forum you just have to order at least 3 boxes. Has anyone dealt with them, and are any of the 5.25" disks usable in the apple 2c?

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Re: Does anyone have any experience with

Never used them, but I always order from They even have color disks.

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Re: Does anyone have any experience with

I had several from early manufacturing:
demanded care while handling:
weak centuring hole without additional hub-centuring-ring....


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Re: Does anyone have any experience with

I have bought a lot of 8” and 5 1/4 hard sectored disks from them in the past. Never a bad disk and always a pleasure to work with. I think they are family owned.

@speedy, I think my disks had hub rings, but that could be because they were hard sector. I can check later.

Never had to buy soft sectored 8” or 5 1/4 from anyone other than eBay or local hobbyists. They are common enough.