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First of all, I am not affiliated with the folks working on this project. I just really believe in what they are trying to do and I wanted to get the word out.

These guys are working on a new game for the Sega Dreamcast (and current platforms) and that is cool, but the biggest news IMO is that they are going to release their development tools alongside the game if it gets funded.

I know this isn't directly Apple related - that's why I put it in the Other Computers forum, but I think the spirit of the project is in line with a lot of what we do with the II today. Homebrew/independent development are the only ways these "dead" systems are going to live on. Why not help bring that second wind to another platform? Too put it in context, this tool means people will be able to make games (possibly other programs) without building a toolchain for development based on archaic low-level C libraries or, worse, by illegally running an unlicensed version of some WindowsCE SDK Sad

Who knows? Maybe some of your favorite II games will get ported to the Dreamcast!

Anyway, thanks for reading - watch this video if you've got time.



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Re: Dreamcast Devkit News

Thank you for posting that. I hope they do well.