FS: Apple IIgs ROM3, HS-SCSI card, GS-RAM Ultra

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I had planned to do a project with this setup, but now realizing that I might not have time to do so. Before it goes to the auction site, I want to post here.

It's an Apple IIgs ROM3 with an Apple Hi-Speed SCSI card (most compatible SCSI card) and a rare GS-RAM Ultra. The GS-RAM Ultra is a 4MB memory card currently filled with 2MB. It also has a couple of sockets for EEPROM/ROM chips that maps into the IIgs memory map; I think one of the sockets map into the same area where a ROM3 IIgs' ROM maps to -- if you search the Usenet archives, there are postings about putting ROM3 ROMs in the GS-Ultra to test them in a ROM1 IIgs.

The GS-RAM Ultra works in a ROM1 that I have, but I have not cut the necessary trace in the GS-RAM Ultra to make it work in a ROM3 as described in:

The GS-RAM Ultra incorrectly reports 6MB of memory on a ROM3 (it correctly reports 2MB on a ROM1) in the same way described in:

I have not cut the trace because you may want to use it on a ROM1. The setup was tested working with an external SCSI hard drive (not included). Only the main unit and peripheral cards are included. There are minor chips on the main enclosure (see pictures).


Selling for $275 shipped to the lower 48.

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Re: FS: Apple IIgs ROM3, HS-SCSI card, GS-RAM Ultra

Still have this unit?

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Re: FS: Apple IIgs ROM3, HS-SCSI card, GS-RAM Ultra

I daresay. Pitz typically removes the photos after he has sold the item.


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